Exercise possibilities for companies

Group exercise classes

Do you want to offer your employees the opportunity to exercise, but don't see the point of installing corporate fitness that only a small percentage of your employees use?
Then Bakfits is the mobile fitness that comes to your company. Adapted to your demand, Bakfits brings group classes at the ideal time: during the lunch break, just before or after work! Bakfits comes to your company or an agreed location to join your employees in a fun and sporty session. Increase productivity and improve team spirit with an active break!


In addition, Bakfits can also provide a cool offer for a company sports day or teambuilding at a location in Leuven and its surroundings of your choice.

“Lunch and learn” met Bakfits

If you would like to learn more about exercise at work and preventing sedentary behaviour, Bakfits can come along at lunchtime for a "lunch and learn" session. With practical tips and ideas to promote employee health, Bakfits provides an informative moment during lunch to give you and your employees inspiration to make the workplace healthier and more mobile.

Send an e-mail to info@bakfits.be and we will work together to find a tailor-made concept.

Official company information
  • Company name: Bakfits
  • Email: info@bakfits.be
  • Phone number: +32 4 56 57 24 20
  • Address: Pompstraat 11, 3012 Wilsele
  • VAT: BE 0771.763.672