Welcome to Bakfits,

The outdoor gym that can be found all over Leuven. Looking for another awesome way to get more active and exercise? Then Bakfits is your go-to place!



With adaptable training equipment, enthusiasm and professional coaching, you exercise at unique outdoor locations in and around Leuven. Bakfits comes in an eco-friendly way close to home (or literally at home) with a fully loaded cargo bike equipped with equipment adapted to your level.


You are guided in a personal way in the open air, with plenty of variety, in good and bad weather. After a long day's work at the office or at home, don't go back inside to exercise, but go outside to enjoy the fresh air or warm rays of the sun.


The locations

Bakfits' group classes take place at various outdoor locations in and around Leuven. With nice weather, all of Leuven and its surroundings are an option and with less nice weather the lessons are at carefully selected sites. You can find the locations where Bakfits can be found regularly on the maps below: Martelarenlaan, Schipvaartstraat and Sluispark.

In addition, personal coaching sessions can be at your home*
or at an agreed location.

*depending on distance